The program has five lines of research, namely:

1. Human Development and Learning

Studies of theoretical and empirical aspects of learning processes and human psychological development, focused in the following themes: cognitive, affective and moral development, cognitive processes, literacy learning, games and toys; developmental disorders: evaluation and intervention.
Teachers: Maria Isabel da Silva Leme, Maria Thereza Costa Coelho de Souza, Fraulein Vidigal de Paula, Luciana Maria Caetano, Betânia D ´Agli, Daniel Fuentes, Leopoldo Fulgencio, Rogério Lerner

2. Human Development and Psychological Assessment

Studies of techniques and procedures of psychological evaluation, including the use of psychological examination instruments to carry out a reflexive, comprehensive and interventional diagnostic analysis in the various areas of human development. Research on the elaboration of new techniques as well as adaptation, review and improvement of existing ones, with studies of reliability, validation and measurement.
Teachers: Eda Marconi Custódio, Iraí Cristina Boccato Alves, Helena Rinaldi Rosa.

3. Educational Institutions and Individual Formation

Studies about the individual constitution mediated by educational institutions such as family, school and media. It encompasses research on the development of consciousness, modes of subjectivation, ideological determinations and institutional memory.
Teachers: Lineu Norio Kohatsu, Marlene Guirado, Ronilda Ribeiro, Pedro Fernando da Silva, Paulo Cesar Endo, Ana Maria Loffredo, Henriette Togniette Penha Morato, Laura Villares de Freitas Maria Júlia Kovács,.

4. School and Educational Psychology and Public Policies

Investigates the following subjects: Psychosocial studies of teacher-student relationship. Analysis of the structure and dynamics of the processes that constitute educational institutions’ life in their relational, institutional, political and cultural dimensions. Research on the history of mentality in the educational field and on issues related to the protection and defense of the rights of children and adolescents.
Teachers: Adriana Marcondes Machado, Edda Bomtempo, Marcia Helena da S. Bertola, Marilene Proença Rebello de Souza, Maria Cristina Machado Kupfer, Marie Claire Sekkel.