The master’s and doctoral courses follow the Postgraduate Recommendations of USP and the Specific Rules for Postgraduate Courses. Master’s, Doctoral and Direct Doctorate students must take at least one discipline that addresses the methodological dimension of the research, on a mandatory basis, as stated in the program regulations.


The duration of the Doctorate course is up to 48 months (with/ without scholarship).
The Doctorate course consists in:
1. taking classes totaling 32 (thirty-two) credits;
2. taking the “Pedagogic Preparation” class (compulsory for CAPES scholarship holders). Allows graduate students to participate in an Internship Program according to the graduation discipline;
3. participating in periodical orientation meetings;
4. participating in academic and scientific activities in the area of study and in seminars offered by the graduate course;
5. developing the dissertation topic on the advisor’s line of research;
6. taking the General Qualifying Examination. This is a requirement to obtain a Doctoral degree. Students may apply for the Qualifying Examination after having completed 16 (sixteen) credits (for the Doctorate with Master’s degree) and 40 (forty) credits demanded in the course (for Direct Doctorate program – without a Master’s degree). Students must apply for the Qualifying Examination within 60 (sixty) percent of the maximum interval for the thesis deposit.
7. preparing the thesis and participating in the public defense of the paper;
8. making the dissertation available on the SABER USP portal. Upon depositing the thesis, students must make it integrally available for publication on the Portal
9. It is required that the student receiving a CAPES scholarship to join the PAE, which is a pedagogical internship program, for the graduate student, in an undergraduate discipline