1. to encourage the development of knowledge in the fields of school psychology and human development;

2. to prepare future teachers and researchers to propose solutions for empirical and/or theoretical problems specific to these areas of knowledge that can also cater to social demands and, in this sense, contribute to the development and implementation of public policies in the areas of education, health, social care and human rights;

3. to support student- and teacher-driven initiatives aimed at expanding and consolidating research and its dissemination, leading them to perform, with quality and rigor, the formative, academic and social tasks that make up the role of a researcher in their specific field of knowledge in the areas of psychology, education, social work, social sciences, philosophy and other related sciences;

4. to coordinate and carry out joint actions with research groups from different educational and research institutions aiming to expand research in the areas above, fostering academic exchanges and improving national and international education in the process.