The Qualification Exam consists of the analysis and evaluation of the student’s project, it is compulsory for the Master, Doctorate and Direct Doctorate, and the student must enroll in up to 50 percent of the maximum deadline for the dissertation or thesis defined in Item III of these Rules. The examination must be done within 60 (sixty) days after the date of registration.

The candidate must deposit 4 copies of his research project, approved in writing by the advisor.

The candidate may submit to the Qualification Exam, after paying the following credit units:

After obtaining 16 (sixteen) credits in disciplines;

In the Master, the qualification examination will consist of a monograph of at least forty and at most eighty pages and an oral presentation on the research project.

Doctorate degree
After obtaining 16 (sixteen) credits in disciplines;

Doctorate Direct
Without obtaining the title of Master: after obtaining 32 (thirty two) credits in disciplines.

Examining Board
The Examining Committee approved by the CCP shall be composed of 3 members with a minimum doctorate degree and their alternates.
1 – The advisor;
2 – A member examining the program or external;
3 – External to the Program (can be Unit)

In the Qualification Examination, the Examining Committee will discuss the dissertation or thesis project, a description of the steps taken to carry out the project, the results achieved and the remaining tasks. The Examining Committee will allow the candidate to present their project for a maximum of 30 minutes. The Examining Committee of both the Masters and the Doctorate will send to the CCP, for approval, the candidate’s approval or disapproval report.

The student who fails the Qualification Exam may repeat it only once, in a period not exceeding ninety days, counted from the date of the first exam.

In conducting the Qualification Exam there may be, at the discretion of the CCP, participation of only one member through video conferencing.