The Program comprises two levels of training, the Master’s and Doctorate, differentiated by the breadth and depth of the studies. Following the Statute of USP, the Postgraduate Program in Clinical Psychology consists of a set of programmed, advanced and individualized activities, accompanied by a counselor who bears, at a minimum, the title of Doctor. These activities include and privilege teaching and research, always seeking the integration of knowledge. The Program is understood as a system of intellectual training and, at the same time, production of knowledge in the area of ​​Clinical Psychology.

Doctorate Degree

The student regularly enrolled in a Master’s course may request, with the consent of the supervisor, the passage of the Master’s degree to the Doctorate course, if approved in the Master’s Qualification Examination, in which the Examining Committee, through a detailed opinion, pertinence of the request of the passage of the Masters for the Direct Doctorate.

The request must be sent to the CCP, within a maximum period of 60 (sixty) days, from the date of approval of the qualification examination, accompanied by a detailed justification of the supervisor, the detailed opinion of the Examining Committee, the appropriate research project at the level the Lattes curriculum and the candidate’s academic background. All documents must be presented in 3 (three) ways.

The request of the candidate will be evaluated by a judging committee that will be constituted by three examiners, under the chairmanship of a teacher of the Program to which the student belongs, and without the participation of the advisor. The Chairman of the Examining Committee, after hearing the other members, may call the candidate for arraignment.

The Examining Committee will be appointed by the CCP and the supervisor can suggest the names of its components.

It will be the responsibility of the Judging Commission to evaluate the student’s ability by observing the following items:

– Academic performance of the student, which should be excellent;

– Adequacy of the Master’s project for the PhD course intended and

– Curriculum Lattes, verifying:

a) demonstration of the applicant’s involvement with the research area of ​​his / her project;

b) evidence of participation of the applicant in scientific meetings, in which he has disclosed the results of his research;

c) existence of at least two articles published and / or accepted, after the candidate’s enrollment in the Program, in an indexed journal and turned to the candidate’s research area.

In order to formalize the approval of the Direct Doctorate, the candidate must submit the approval in the second language (French or Spanish or German or Italian) until 90 days after the date of approval in the examination of the Commission, according to article V-Foreign Language of this Regulation. In case of disapproval the candidate will have up to 30 (thirty) days to perform a new language test.

The course lasts 55 (fifty-five) months, the courses are offered semesterly, in the daytime (from 8 am to 12 a.m. or from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) and there are no classes on Saturdays. To complete the credits, the student must obtain 64 credits in courses, until the date of deposit of the thesis, being obligatory the disciplines:

“Research Methodology in Clinical Psychology”

“Epistemologies in Clinical Psychology”.

“Introduction to Graduate Studies: Teaching and Research”

“Project Orientation Practices”

In the course of Direct Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology, together with the deposition of the thesis, it is required to prove acceptance of submission or publication of two articles in co-authorship with the supervisor, related to the thesis, in a national and / or international journal arbitrated

Consultation to the Bank of Theses and Dissertations – Clinical Psychology