The Graduate student must complete the registration regularly in each school year, in times and deadlines set by the central organs of the USP, at all stages of their studies, to obtain the title of Master or Doctor.

Simultaneous enrollment is not allowed in more than one Master’s or PhD course at the University of São Paulo.

The agreement of participant student concluded by USP, working in the Graduate activities, for a period not exceeding three months, under the supervision of advisor accredited in Program Graduate USP, it may be enrolled as a regular student in the program or area concentration in which the counselor is accredited.

– The enrollment of the student in the Graduate is effected by the PRPG and will be valid during the period of stay at USP.

– The student in these conditions will be subject to the general rules and regulations of the Course and Program of origin.

Submit the following documentation:

The. Registration form signed by the supervisor (taken after approval at the interview).

B. Presentation of the Undergraduate Diploma and / or Deed of Defense of the Masters held until February 1 of the year in which the candidate signs up. Failure to comply with these requirements by the applicant will result in non-approval of your registration and loss of the vacancy.